Frequently Asked Questions

When should my student visit the Office of Career Services?

Your student should plan to meet with a career professional early in his or her time at Indiana University. Students who have not yet declared a major in the School of Public Health, are encouraged to meet with career advisors from the Career Development Center. Once your student has declared a major within the School of Public Health, we encourage them to begin meeting with career professionals in our office. Students can also engage with our office by attending the workshops, fairs, and programs we offer throughout the semester.

What types of opportunities are available to students once they graduate?

The Indiana University School of Public Health-Bloomington Office of Career Services offers continued career advising to all of its alumni. Alumni are also welcome to continue using online career resources and the Career Link job board system. To learn more about what our recent graduates are doing, review our student outcomes statistics.

What should my student do, in addition to meeting with a career advisor, to prepare for a successful future?

The exact details may vary depending on your students’ major and long-term goals, but ultimately all students should plan to participate in internships during their time at the Indiana University School of Public Health-Bloomington. Students can also benefit from other experiential education activities such as volunteering, being active in a student organization, studying abroad, or gaining research experience to help them gain skills and build their resumes.
Additionally, you can help your student immensely by assisting them in the development of their networking skills. Encourage them to expand their professional network by speaking with professionals in careers of interest and empower them to develop and maintain a professional network of their own.

How can my student find an internship or full-time opportunity?

The Office of Career Services offers workshops, individual advising, career fairs, and networking events to help students explore potential opportunities and learn the skills necessary to compete for internship and full-time opportunities. All students have access to Career Link, our online database of full-time and internship opportunities.

Do you offer assistance for students interested in graduate school?

Yes, we offer workshops and individual advising to help students identify programs and navigate the application process.