Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to see my Academic Advisor before I can register for the next semester’s courses?
Yes. You are required to meet with your Academic Advisor during a regular advising meeting to discuss your next semester academic plans. You will need to bring the specific advising paperwork required by your individual department to your appointment. You can find that information here or in your Departmental Advising Syllabus:  

You and your advisor will then have a 15-30 minute meeting discussing your future academic plans and your advisor will request for your advising hold to be removed.  

When is my Enrollment/Registration Appointment?
Your Enrollment/Registration Appointment is determined by class standing and the number of credit hours completed - click here for more information. To find your Enrollment Appointment, go to the Student Center via One.IU, and look in the blue box on the right side of the screen labeled, "Enrollment Dates". Click on "details" to access the time of day you have been assigned to access this system. You should register as close to this time as possible to ensure the best selection of courses. You may access the system any time after this date and time. Note: you may want to create your shopping cart in advance so all you need to do is submit it once you’re eligible to register.    

Do I make my Enrollment/Registration Appointment with my Advisor?
No. Your Enrollment/Registration Appointment listed in your Student Center via One.IU is not an appointment with an actual person. You do not need to go to a specific place on campus. This is your appointment time within the online registration system. To register, just be sure you have met with your advisor, had all holds removed, then have access to the internet.

Where can I find the Registration Instructions and Course List for next term?

What are the drop/add dates & procedures?
Registrar's Official Calendar: Important dates
Standard Drop/Add Procedures - Using eDrop/eAdd via One.IU: Fees, procedures 

How do I access my Academic Advisement Report (AAR)?  
Access your Academic Advisement Report (AAR) at One.iu > Student Center > My Academics and Grades > Advising box (first one on left) > View My Advisement Report>Expand All >Begin scrolling down through requirements

How do I find my Major GPA or calculate my GPA specific to x amount of credit hours?  
You can use your AAR to find your Major GPA by scrolling down toward the bottom of the report. The Major GPA is listed under the “Major GPA” section. To calculate your GPA for a certain number of credit hours or for specific classes, please use the GPA Calculator.

I am interested in taking a couple of courses at another college or university. How do I know what transfers and what course it transfers as?

You can use the Credit Transfer Service to search how courses will transfer from other institutions and/or to search where you can take a course equivalent to an IUB course. Note: unfortunately, at this time there is no master list of equivalent courses for campuses within the IU system. You may need to speak with the Records Office here in Bloomington and at the campus where you plan to take a class in order to see whether two courses are equivalents.

I am interested in studying abroad. What is my first step in this process?
It is best to visit the Office of Overseas Study online to browse through various programs of interest and then visit the office to speak with an advisor to obtain more details on programs. After you have received information from the Office of Overseas Study, you can then bring that knowledge to an advising appointment with your Academic Advisor to strategically plan your courses to get the most of your abroad experience. Note: When looking at programs, please use your AAR (Academic Advisement Report) and/or Degree Course Requirements sheet to help you select a program that will meet your needs.

I am making a bad grade in a class. What is the policy about retaking classes? How will retaking a class impact my GPA and my transcript?
See your academic advisor regarding your grade and retaking a course so the two of you can work together to develop the best plan of action. Please review the Undergraduate Course Retake Policy (Extended-X)