Graduation Planning

Apply to Graduate

Make sure to complete your graduation application before the deadline.

Priority dates to apply: May, June, and August Graduation- October 1st; December Graduation- May 1st

Graduating with Honors

The Indiana University School of Public Health-Bloomington standards for graduating with Honors are listed in the school bulletin provided in the link above.

Ceremony Information

Please remember to plan in advance if you are planning to attend the graduation ceremony. You will want to obtain information from the Office of University Ceremonies and be sure to review information for the following items:

    • Order Cap and Gown
    • Review the times and places you need to be on your graduation day
    • Assist family and friends who are visiting with various accommodations

Diploma Information

The Office of the Registrar creates and delivers diplomas, which are typically mailed ten to twelve weeks after your degree is conferred. You need to be sure your name appears correctly and that the mailing address to which you want your diploma is correct. For further details, see the Registrar’s information on Degrees and Diplomas.