Ruth Clifford Engs Doctoral Research Fellowship

It is the intent of the Donor that income from this gift to use to support a Doctoral Research Fellowship Recipient shall meet the following qualifications: Doctoral Student in the School conducting historical research in the fields of health, physical education, or recreation. The fellowship should be awarded to the doctoral student submitting the best dissertation proposal for historical research in the School, regardless of program, study area or degree program. If, after review and rating by the School committee, proposals submitted by students from all departments are rated equally, then the highest rated proposal submitted by a doctoral students in Applied Health Science should be given priority for the fellowship, If a male and a female are tied for the best proposal, than the female student should be given preference. Recipient(s) shall be chosen by a committee composed of one graduate level faculty member for each of three academic departments: Applied Health Science; Kinesiology; and Recreation, Park, and Tourism Studies.