IMPACT Scholarship

The IMPACT Scholarship is awarded to undergraduate students majoring in the Fitness Specialist degree program who have a GPA of 3.4 or more on a 4.0 scale. Recipients must represent the following characteristics: Inquisitive and Inspires, has a desire to learn, and inspires those around him/herself; Motivated, demonstrated by GPA and career degree selection; Passionate, demonstrated through seeking out volunteer and/or work related experience; Active, physically presents as a positive role model of fitness and wellness; Certified, approved personal training certification; Traits, team oriented, tenacious, thrives and thorough; demonstrate fitness instruction experience, evidence of employment in the fitness industry, and must be a role model of fitness and wellness.

The purpose of this scholarship is to bring to the forefront students who exemplify the philosophy of the Fitness Specialist degree program which is to provide the science and art of being a fitness professional. According to the donor, “We can make an impact in many ways in our lives. We do not have to hold public office, or make a lot of money, but we do have to care. We do have to have passion for what we do and demonstrate it. We do have to have a purpose for what we choose to do and when we do, we inspire, we empower and we make an impact on the lives that we touch.” This scholarship is awarded to students who do this best in their time as an undergraduate student in the Fitness Specialist undergraduate degree program at Indiana University.