Adrienne Luegers Memorial Fellowship/Scholarship

Supports fellowships/scholarships for undergraduate or graduate students enrolled in the School of Public Health who have demonstrated financial need, demonstrated a personal lifestyle of physical fitness through healthy exercise, health nutrition and social activity, and have a passion for Health and Wellness that is service oriented through helping people make healthy lifestyle choices including such things as the avoidance of tobacco and illegal drugs. Preference will be given to undergraduate student enrolled in the B.S. in Public Health Fitness and Wellness program or to graduate students enrolled in the physical Activity Masters of Public Health program. The fellowship/scholarship amount will be a minimum of $1000.00. The number, amounts and recipients of the fellowship/scholarship will be determined by the Kinesiology Department Scholarship Committee of the School, in Conjunction with the coordinators of the B.S. in Public Health/Fitness and Wellness program and the coordinator of the Master's in Public Health-Physical Activity program.