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Biostatistics Center

The Biostatistics Center is operated by the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics within the School of Public Health-Bloomington at Indiana University.

Our mission is to provide  study design and data analysis support for health-related research.

Professional biostatisticians are available for collaborating on research projects through grant-funded research or hourly billing.


Our services include:

  • Study design (experiments and surveys)
  • Grant development 
  • Sample size calculation and power analysis
  • Statistical modeling and analysis
  • Interpretation of analysis results
  • Professional and scientific report-writing

Consultants work primarily with SAS, Stata, R and SPSS, but we can work with clients using any software that is most convenient for them.


Master's level consultants are available to meet in the Public Health building (PH C028 & C030) in addition to shared space in Woodburn 200, or we can come to you!

Meet Our Team

Our team consists of PhD faculty and Masters level consultants with expertise in a wide range of statistical/epidemiological methods, statistical programming, and data management. These areas include study design, sample size and power calculation, linear regression modeling, categorical data analysis, logistic regression modeling, survival data analysis, longitudinal data analysis, mixed effects modeling, non-parametric statistical methods, survey sampling, genetic data analysis, and statistical programming.

Our core team includes:

  • Stephanie Dickinson, Manager & Senior Biostatistician
  • Joel Greenshields, Biostatistics Associate, PhD candidate in Kinesiology
  • Alex YueYao Li, Biostatistics Associate, PhD candidate in Epidemiology
  • Brandy Paul, Research Associate, MPH candidate in Epidemiology

Our faculty Director is  Zhongxue Chen.

All PhD faculty in the department are also members of the center. Please browse the research areas in their faculty profiles to see how they can collaborate on your next project.

Consulting Fee/Rates

Most of our work (from both PhD faculty collaborators and M.S. level biostatisticians) is through collaborations on research projects where biostatics support is included in the grant budget (%FTE). Services can also be provided hourly with internal billing to a faculty/grant research account, or invoiced for external projects.

The fee schedule, for Master's level professional support, is as follows:

  • IU researchers: $60/hr
  • External Non-profits: $75/hr
  • External for Profits: $100/hr

Rates are based on actual cost to the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics. The fee schedule includes all expenses related to department personnel and enables them to perform their duties related to the research project and carry out the mission of the center. These include use of the department's computing facilities, systems support, software, administrative support, professional travel, supplies, and telephone.

Rates for research projects outside of Indiana University contain an additional component to help support the education, research, and service missions of the department.

Limited FREE consulting:

  • An initial consultation to discuss potential collaboration on your project is free for any health-related researcher (in IU or external).
  • SPH faculty and graduate students may receive 1 hour of free consulting from Faculty/Master's staff, or 4 hours from a graduate student.
  • We are also happy to provide free service on grant applications (study design, analysis plan, sample-size/power) when Biostatistics faculty/staff are included in the grant application and budget.

For grant proposals:

  • Generally, PhD faculty are listed as Co-Investigators for a small %FTE (3-10%) along with a Master's level staff (or PhD student) as Biostatistician or Data Analyst for more time (10-50%) depending on the size of the grant, where an estimate of time effort should be discussed at the initial stage of each project.  


Recent clients of the center include faculty from:

  • Department of Applied Health Science, SPH, IUB
  • Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, SPH, IUB
  • Department of Kinesiology, SPH, IUB
  • Department of Recreation, Park and Tourism Studies, SPH, IUB
  • School of Optometry, IUB
  • Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology, IUPUI
  • IU Simon Cancer Center & IU School of Medicine

We are involved in multiple grant applications and research projects funded by various organizations (e.g., NIH, NSF), university internal funds, and other funding sources.

Let us know how we can help with your project!

Other Resources

Support for research methods at IUB are also available from:

Contact Us

To request services and schedule an appointment please fill out our web .Contact Form.

For general questions or to send files, please email biostats@indiana.edu.

Biostatistics Consulting Center
Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics
School of Public Health-Bloomington
PH C028 & C030, 1025 E. 7th Street
Bloomington, IN 47405