Here in the Department of Kinesiology, we're attracting attention from our peers: in 2005, the American Academy of Kinesiology and Physical Education ranked our doctoral program seventh out of 62 programs in the nation. As IU's life sciences initiative moves forward, we're leading the way with a nationally acclaimed program and a strong commitment to life sciences research. In addition, our undergraduate programs are among the most comprehensive in the country. The Sports Marketing and Management Program is one of our largest and fastest-growing programs. The Physical Education Teacher Education and Adapted Physical Education Programs continue our tradition of preparing the best teachers in the country.

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Kinesiology is to study human movement with the objectives of developing the body of knowledge, preparing scholars in this discipline, preparing professionals for their respective roles in society, and providing public service.


The Department of Kinesiology Values:

  • Physical activity as an essential part of a healthy lifestyle
  • The importance of the cultural, philosophical and historical aspects of sport
  • The central role of science in the study of human movement achieved through research and scholarly inquiry of the highest quality
  • A diverse faculty and alumni who participate in academic and professional societies, interact with scholars throughout the world, and provide leadership
  • Excellence in teaching
  • Progressive, high quality, curricular programs in the science and business of movement and sport at the undergraduate and graduate levels
  • Quality students
  • A high quality and broadly based elective activity program to educate and serve the students of Indiana University
  • A faculty, staff and student body rich in diversity
  • Assessment as a means to ensure achievement of the goals and objectives of the department


As a faculty our goals are:

  • To publish and present significant research and scholarly activity
  • To offer appropriate curricula in each program of study
  • To enable students to achieve appropriate learning objectives through quality teaching
  • To provide meaningful service at the public, professional, university, school, and/or departmental levels
  • To promote the field of Kinesiology, throughout the university, local community and state, as well as nationally and internationally
  • To provide professional growth opportunities for faculty, staff and students
  • To provide appropriate and high quality student services
  • To recruit, mentor and retain a faculty who will enhance the reputation of the department

Degrees & Program Areas

Kinesiology offers degrees in: Athletic Training, Exercise Science, Health Fitness Specialist, Physical Education Teacher Education, and Sports Marketing and Management. Information about these programs can be found on our Degrees page.

Physical Activity Instruction Program (PAIP)

Kinesiology offers a wide variety of courses from Conditioning and Weight Training to Middle Eastern Dance. For more information, please visit the PAIP page. Make sure to scroll down the page to find the PAIP classes.


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