Motor Control

Motor Control Doctoral Degree

Program Overview

The doctorate in human performance prepares students for careers in research on human physical activity and health-related behavior. The motor learning and control specialization focuses on the neural and psychological aspects of human performance.

The primary purpose of the program is to prepare scholars to plan and conduct scientific research in the area of motor learning and control. A core of research-oriented classes and immediate and continuous involvement in research projects prior to the dissertation prepares students with the superior research capabilities necessary for an academic career. Students gain experience through helping collect and analyze various types of data in the Motor Control Laboratory and neural science and medical sciences program laboratories. 

Graduates who hold the Ph.D. in human performance with a specialization in motor learning and control are well prepared for faculty research and teaching jobs at colleges and universities.

Successful applicants for the motor learning and control specialization should have a strong science background, preferably with courses in computer science, anatomy, physiology, and neural science.

Students in the motor learning and control program are encouraged to take courses offered through the Program in Neural Science and the Department of Psychology and they will usually complete their Minor in one of these two areas. The doctoral research skill requirement is satisfied by completing 9 credit hours of advanced statistics courses..

Degree Requirements

Doctor of Philosophy in Human Performance
Emphasis in Motor Learning/Control
3.0 GPA required for graduation


For more information about admissions and application materials please contact:

David Koceja
Chair, Kinesiology Department
Associate Dean for Research, School of Public Health-Bloomington
1025 E. 7th Street, PH 121
(812) 855-7302

Tim Mickelborough
Professor and Director of Graduate Studies, Kinesiology Department
School of Public Health-Bloomington
1025 E. 7th Street, PH 036
(812) 855-0753