Nutrition Science

A rigorous core with several possible specializations

You will take core courses in biochemistry, advanced nutrition, epidemiology, research techniques, and data analysis. You will also select specialized courses to add depth to your program of study from subjects such as food chemistry, medical nutrition therapy, nutrition for sports, community nutrition, or behavioral theory. Finally, you will either complete a master's thesis or a combination of courses in readings and research in nutrition science.

Along the way, you will have hands-on learning opportunities, such as  individualized research with faculty members and laboratory experiences, as well as opportunities to present your research at a national scientific conference.

Many who seek this Master of Science in Applied Health Science choose to pursue further study in doctoral programs, or professional schools that train doctors, dentists, physicians' assistants, and other professionals. It will also prepare you for a variety of careers in the food industry, medical-related companies, or pharmaceutical sales.