Honors Program

Application & Eligibility

You must be admitted into an SPH major and have a 3.7 or above cumulative grade point average at the time of admission into the honors program and at graduation. Both the Letter of Intent and Program Checklist must be completed by appropriate deadlines.

  1. Completion of 3 credits of SPH Honors coursework
  2. Completion of an independent research study or project culminating in a paper or poster project
  3. Presentation in an SPH poster event and/or Departmental Open House or a recognized conference
  4. Participation in a credit-bearing field experience, service-learning course, credit-bearing study abroad, or other approved credit-bearing community-engaged learning activity that results in a paper, project, or product

The Letter of Intent is meant to serve as your specific PLAN to complete the program. You do not have to have the requirements finished yet, but you do have to have a specific plan in place with faculty signatures of those who will support you, The Letter of Intent online form is found here;https://sph.indiana.edu/forms/student/honors-program/honors-program.php?type=letterofintent

  1. Please type in the Honors course you plan to take and which semester. There are Honors sections of courses for every SPH major that meet with non-Honors classes. Look for the smallest sections of courses in the iGPS Course Search (usually 5-15 students) and then look in the Class Notes to see if an Honors section is listed. SPH Honors sections also meet the requirements for Hutton Honors classes so they can double count as both your SPH Honors course and your Hutton Honors course! Consult with your SPH Advisor to learn more about the Honors sections of courses offered each semester.
  2. For the Honors program, you need to know which faculty member you will be working with for the research component. This process is initiated and coordinated by YOU.

Search the SPH faculty directory to see who is doing research that you might be interested in. If you click on their name, a full biography of their work is given.

Write them an email telling them that you are interested in their research and ask if they have any opportunities for you to become involved as part of the SPH Honors program. You would need to tell them about how many hours a week you can devote to their research and which semester you are wanting to work. If you can provide them a resume, that's great as well, or any other information that you think might present you well. Plan to write to at least 5 faculty members. Most faculty are working on research, but they may not have opportunities available. Also be on the look-out for research opportunities that may come up throughout the year. You will have to have a faculty member to allow you to be part of their research or agree to oversee your research before you may submit your Letter.

If you have questions or difficulty finding a faculty member to work with, please let your SPH Academic Advisor know, and they will see what they can do to help!

Once you have committed to a faculty member to work with them on research, and they have committed to you to oversee you in their/your research, then type in the topic of that research.

Next, type in the event and date in which you plan to present your research.You can present at the SPH Research Day that is held late April every year, the Undergrad Research Conference here on campus, or any national or professional conference your faculty member would like for you to be a part of. It can be a poster event or an actual presentation. Just talk with your faculty member about what would be the best option for the both of you.

Lastly, you will need to have a plan to complete a credit bearing - community engaged learning activity or field experience or service-learning course or study abroad experience that results in a paper, project, or product. Many majors have an internship as part of the major. This would count. Contact the Internship Coordinator for your major and request they sign off on this form as your plan to complete the internship. Otherwise pick one of the other options and request the appropriate faculty member’support.

Your online form will be routed to your SPH Academic Advisor, and your supporting faculty, to review and sign off on your plan.Then, the SPH Honors Program Director will review your form and give you the final approval to be in the program! If there are any problems with the form,the Honors Program Assistant will let you know, but otherwise you will receive a letter that you have been accepted into the Honors Program.It will then be noted in your academic record that you are an SPH Honors student.

In the fall of your Senior year, (or when you finish the requirements, whichever comes first), you will complete a Program Checklist form, which is much like the Letter of Intent. The Program Checklist is due by December 1st for May grads or May 1st for December grads. You still may not have everything done but the projected dates of completion and the signatures must be on there. This early deadline is needed so we can order your Honors cord and prepare for the graduation ceremony.

All 4-components of the program MUST be completed by May 1st of your Senior year. This absolute final deadline is for both May and December grads. Before you receive your diploma, all information on your Program Checklist will be verified that you have successfully completed all 4-the requirements of the program and that you are graduating with a 3.7 GPA or higher. If you have met this criteria, you will have the SPH Honors notation on your transcript! Congratulations! You will then be a graduate of the SPH Honors Program!

Deadlines to submit the SPH Honors Program Checklist to advisor

  • December 1st for spring and summer graduates
  • May 1st for winter graduates

Students must have an approved SPH Honors Program Checklist with all faculty signatures. If this step is not done, the student will not earn the SPH Honors notation and other recognition.

We are excited you are considering pursuing the SPH Honors Program! Please let your SPH Academic Advisor know if you decide to commit to this endeavor, if you need any help along the way, and if you have any remaining questions.

"Without the SPH Honors Program, I would not have met Dr. Shea, Reza and the rest of the motor learning research team. These individuals have molded me into a better scholar and person. The SPH Honors Program opens doors for undergraduate students to build upon their academics while making new connections and relationships. I am grateful I chose to apply to the SPH Honors Program because I have taken advantage of new opportunities, like extensive research and a possible published journal. I recommend applying to the SPH Honors Program to build your resume, grow deeper connections, and continue to develop your knowledge of Public Health."

- Alayna Holbert, Community Health BSPH