Honors Program

Application & Eligibility

You must be admitted into an SPH major and have a 3.7 or above cumulative grade point average at the time of admission into the honors program and at graduation.

Students pursuing the SPH Honors designation will meet with their respective SPH advisor to discuss the requirements and submit a Letter of Intent.

In addition to the GPA requirement and Letter of Intent, SPH Honors students must complete each of the following:

  1. Completion of 3 credits of SPH Honors coursework, which could be either of the following:
  • An SPH course designated as a Hutton Honors course


  • An honors section of an SPH course as determined by SPH department faculty
  1. Completion of an independent research study or project culminating in a paper or poster project
  1. Presentation in an SPH poster event and/or Departmental Open House or a recognized conference
  1. Participation in a credit-bearing field experience, service-learning course, credit-bearing study abroad, or other approved credit-bearing community-engaged learning activity that results in a paper, project, or product

Deadlines to submit the SPH Honors Program Checklist to advisor

  • December 1st for spring and summer graduates
  • May 1st for winter graduates

Students must submit a completed SPH Honors Program Checklist with all faculty signatures. If this step is not done, the student will not earn the SPH Honors notation and other recognition.

"Without the SPH Honors Program, I would not have met Dr. Shea, Reza and the rest of the motor learning research team. These individuals have molded me into a better scholar and person. The SPH Honors Program opens doors for undergraduate students to build upon their academics while making new connections and relationships. I am grateful I chose to apply to the SPH Honors Program because I have taken advantage of new opportunities, like extensive research and a possible published journal. I recommend applying to the SPH Honors Program to build your resume, grow deeper connections, and continue to develop your knowledge of Public Health."

- Alayna Holbert, Community Health BSPH