Environmental and Occupational Health

Answering the world’s demand for environmental and occupational professionals

Growing threats to environmental and occupational health have made understanding the risks of our built and natural environments more important than ever.

You will find graduates of our Department of Environmental and Occupational Health working to make a difference all over the world. They are inspectors and detectives who assess and ensure the safety of working conditions, water, food, and air quality. Some work to promote sustainable societies and the benefits of green space.

Our outstanding faculty is engaged in a diverse range of multidisciplinary research, teaching, and service in Indiana and globally. We foster excellence in scientific research, training, and outreach among our students. Our goal is to identify, understand, and prevent environmentally-related diseases, and enhance the quality of life of people in Indiana and around the world.

World-class laboratories provide our students with a space to perform quality research involving oxidative stress and damage, toxicology, carcinogenesis and toxicologic pathology, and environmental health challenges that affect rural and urban communities in Indiana, the United States, the U.S.-Mexico border, and abroad.