Health & Wellness Design

The power of design thinking to enhance human health

The Department of Health & Wellness Design focuses on infusing health, happiness, and well-being into organizational structures where people live, work, govern, and play. As health needs and challenges evolve, the power of purposeful design to enhance human health have never been more relevant. Areas of emphasis include behavioral health economics; policy; empathetic leadership, human-centered design and management; lifestyle technology and informatics; and social entrepreneurship. The Department of Health & Wellness Design strives to educate and prepare the next generation of leaders to maximize the human experience and empower people to live-well.

Our students embark in diverse and exciting career paths that can vary from businesses, health care management, recreation therapy, tourism and hospitality management, state and local parks and recreation, government public health, nonprofit organizations, universities, and research centers.

In order to offer hands-on experience beyond the traditional classroom, we work closely with local, state, and national agencies in cooperative research, education, and internship opportunities. Our outstanding faculty's integration of excellence in research, relevance in education, and responsiveness in service to create a positive impact on population health.

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