Student Research Opportunities

Research that improves communities

As an undergraduate or graduate student in the IU School of Public Health, you'll discover opportunities to work closely with our faculty on public health–related research.

Public Health Research day is a celebration of the innovative research that students conduct in coordination and partnership with our faculty. Students at the bachelor, masters, and doctoral-level relate their research findings through a formal presentation as would be found at a national conference, either with a poster presentation or an oral presentation. Awards are announced by a panel of faculty judges for excellence in research.

Our areas of focus

Our primary areas of research fit into six broad categories:

  • Sexual & reproductive health
  • Rural and other health disparities
  • Obesity, healthy eating & exercise
  • Opiates, alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana
  • Epidemiology & biostatistics
  • Rigor, reproducibility & transparency in research

49percent of faculty publications include a student co-author

281research presentations by faculty, staff, and students

83percent of research projects include a community partner

Faculty in each of our departments conduct important research in these categories, working to advance scientific knowledge within the field of public health. And both graduate and undergraduate students are able to work in our faculty research labs.

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