Online Parks and Public Lands Management

Career options: wide open

Graduates of this program enjoy a range of possible careers, including these (from the IUSPH-B bulletin):

Recreation and Parks Director: manages recreation and park functions; serves as the technical advisor to the recreation and parks commission, board, or other authority responsible to the public for recreation and park services.

Park Planner/Compliance and Environmental Planner: responsible for gathering, compiling, and analyzing resource data; ensuring compliance with a variety of processes and policies, including those that are environmental and historical; proposing solutions; authorizing projects/initiatives.

Park and Facility Manager: directs the development and operations of parks, recreation facilities, and other shared spaces including maintained landscapes, resources, and trail systems. Plans, directs, and participates in the development and maintenance of grounds, security procedures, and visitor services.

Park and/or Public Land Superintendent/Manager: directs all activities of a geographic location or public land including parks, reserves, preserves, units, and other areas to including protection, management, access, recreation and use. Conducts strategic planning including budget submissions. Leads partners, volunteers, donors, and concession operators in mission-oriented relationships that benefit both the land and its visitors.