Nutrition Science

A rigorous, science-based curriculum with five specialty tracks

In addition to core courses in nutrition science, you will select and complete coursework in one of five specialty tracks: pre-medicine, pre-dentistry, pre-optometry, pre-physician assistant, or broad scientific exploration. You will gain a thorough background in advanced biology and biochemistry that includes active learning through laboratory experience and an understanding of the biochemical roles of nutrients in the body. 

You will also learn outside of the classroom, through volunteer opportunities or individualized research projects with IU faculty. When you are ready to consider your next steps—into the job market or the next program—career counselors in our Office of Career Services can help you chart your course. 


Many nutrition science majors work toward advanced degrees in related sciences, medicine, or public health. You will also be prepared for a variety of laboratory, research, sales, and communications roles in the food, insurance, and pharmaceutical industries, as well as government and nonprofit agencies.