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The Sport Marketing and Management program has prepared me for my career through important resources, networking opportunities, and courses. And through my internship with IU Athletics, I have seen all the planning that goes into games, as well as how to execute on-field activations and give fans memorable experiences.

If you are considering a degree in Sport Marketing and Management at IU, I highly recommend taking every opportunity it has to offer!

Courtney Kocal, Sport Marketing and Management BSK

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Antonio Williams

Beinner Family Endowed Professor in Sport Marketing & Management
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Getting Started

Your starting point with the Sport Marketing and Management major is with required introductory courses that allow to you explore all facets of the sports industry. You'll also be able to focus on your specific interests by taking a wide range of elective courses in sport marketing, sporting events, sport sales, sport administration, sport operations, analytics, and many more.

Students will take these courses during the first year:

Introduction to Sport Management (SPH-M211)

  • An examination of the broad spectrum of career opportunities available in the sport management profession. Special emphasis on career planning, sport management terminology, and an overview of specific skills and courses required for professional preparation in sport management.

Introduction to Sport Communication (SPH-C213)

  • An introduction to the area of sport communication. Emphasis is placed on the fields within sport communication, including, but not limited to: sport information, public relations, media relations, player relations, radio and TV sports production, marketing and research, interactive media, media trends, production competencies, and employment options and trends.

Through the initial coursework, you'll develop an understanding of the industry expectations, all while engaging in practical experiences that help build your skills.

Tracks and concentrations

The Sport Marketing and Management major does not have official areas of concentration. Instead, students choose elective courses to fit their desired area(s) of interest. Some students take a variety of approved courses, while others choose to focus in a specific area.

Upper-level coursework

Upper-level coursework builds off of your introductory courses. Once you've completed your core coursework in sports law, marketing, communication, business, management, psychology, and finance, you'll apply what you have learned directly to the field through a required practicum or internship experience.

Explore the Degree Map

Commonly pursued majors, minors, and certificates

With the help of your academic advisor, you may be able to combine several areas of interest with additional majors, minors, or certificates.

The Explore Programs tool can help you find majors, minors, and certificate programs that fit you and your goals by allowing you to filter by interest area. Other majors, minors, and certificates can be excellent opportunities to build upon and broaden your interests.

Some commonly pursued minors for Sport Marketing and Management students include business, coaching, event planning, media and creative advertising, psychology, and foreign language. Sport Marketing and Management is also offered as a minor for non-majors.

Working with faculty

When pursuing a degree in Sport Marketing and Management, you will learn from faculty who have expertise and experience in the field. Take advantage of office hours to talk with your instructors about your performance in class, the content of assignments, and how the course helps you work towards your goals.

Students in the Sport Management and Marketing program gain valuable experience by leveraging our industry partners. For example, we partner with the Indianapolis Colts to support their game-day operations, providing students with the opportunity to earn course credit and real-world experience. Learn more!

You'll gain practical, hands-on experience by working with IU faculty on research projects. You'll also get firsthand professional experience through an internship in your area of interest. Internship coordinators are faculty members who will help you navigate the internship process and ultimately approve your internship placement.

Practicum, Fieldwork, and Internship Opportunities

Take the initiative to network and look for internship and job shadow opportunities as early as your first semester. Our fantastic Career Services Office supports students throughout the career search process. Sport Marketing and Management students are required to complete at least one internship or practicum experience for academic credit. Internships fall under two classes: SPH-M 495 and SPH-M 497. Below are some examples of internships completed by Sport Marketing and Management students.

  • High School Athletic Departments - working alongside coaches and trainers, planning large scale events, operating youth sport camps
  • Iowa Cubs – facility operations and management
  • Indiana University Athletics - game and event promotion, season ticket sales
  • Indianapolis Motor Speedway - ticket sales, hospitality, and guest services
  • NBA Pacers – sales, events, and game operations
  • NBC Production – acquiring content for the Olympic games, social media and television promotion assistance
  • Miami Dolphins Corporate Partnerships – partner events and presentations, records maintenance
  • USA Track and Field – sponsorship relations

Student groups

Explore beINvolved to connect with any of the 750+ student organizations that already exist, or to start a new one. Student organizations that could fit your interest include:

Through the major

The major in Sport Marketing and Management provides you with skills (including communication, collaboration, and initiative) that are relevant and transferable. Through oral and written presentations, critiques, and other hands-on opportunities, you'll be prepared to gather and critically analyze knowledge, research, and practical information that you can apply to sport management. You'll graduate with proficiency in sports marketing, finance, and sales; prepared to enhance the lives of participants, spectators, and employees in the sport industry.

Skills desired by employers

Skills desired by employers in this field include business, marketing, management, sales, budgeting, problem solving, interpersonal skills, effective communication, public speaking, planning and implementation, evaluation, operations, customer service, teamwork, adaptability, cultural awareness, multi-tasking, language skills, professionalism, and attention to detail.

With this major, you will be well-positioned for a career in professional, intercollegiate, or amateur sports in areas such as facility operations, marketing and public relations, or event marketing and management. You may even consider continuing your education in a law or sports administration graduate program. Wherever your strengths and interests lie, you will be able to find support from the Office of Career Services as you begin to consider your own professional plan.

Careers within this major are diverse and competitive. To learn more about career options and outcomes, please visit the Sports, Events, Tourism, and Recreation Career Community page.

Students enrolled in the program come from all over the country and world. Class size varies from 50 – 250 students depending on the Sport Marketing and Management course.

The Sport Marketing and Management major is a great choice for students who are passionate about the sports industry and delivering a superior fan experience. Elective courses allow students to tailor the degree to fit their interests. The practical, experiential curriculum covers all aspects of the industry, so no matter where your career takes you in the future, you’ll be prepared.

Direct Admission

To be considered for direct admission into the School of Public Health, students must first be admitted to IU with an intended major within the School of Public Health. Students who meet the Direct Admit qualifications are admitted into the program.

Learn more about how to apply

Certification from University Division

Current IUB students should meet with a University Division advisor, who can provide guidance in meeting certification requirements. These requirements include:

  • An overall IU grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 or higher
  • 26 credit hours of college level coursework completed
  • Completion of SPH-M211: Introduction to Sport Management, with a grade of C- or better

Even though I grew up in a sports family in the sports world, I would not have been as prepared for all the aspects of this complex and ever-changing industry without my experience at IU Sports Marketing and Management. IU continues to break new ground in this and other academic fields and produce graduates who are working and thriving at all levels in sports. I am incredibly proud to be an alum of this outstanding university and program.

Kalen Jackson, Vice Chair/Owner Indianapolis Colts

The following sport management degree programs have been granted Candidacy Status by the Commission on Sport Management Accreditation (COSMA), located in Fort Collins, CO, USA:

  • Bachelor of Science, Sport Marketing and Management
  • Master of Science, Kinesiology, Athletic Administration/Sport Management
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Human Performance, Emphasis: Sport Management