PhD in Human Performance

Design your own course of study with a faculty advisor

You'll complete coursework in exercise physiology, physical activity, cognitive and sensory motor control, motor learning, sport psychology, or biomechanics, as well as a minor outside of the Kinesiology department. Most important, you will work closely with a faculty mentor to conduct rigorous research in any one of our research areas or collaborate between multiple research areas. You and your faculty mentor will design a program of study and conduct independent research, including your dissertation. You are encouraged to communicate with a potential faculty advisor to confirm that your interests match before you apply.

Funding packages are available to our Ph.D. students that include a stipend, student health insurance, and tuition remission. Those funded with a teaching assistantship will also gain valuable teaching experience. All Human Performance Ph.D. students will complete a seminar series that focuses on professional development and teaching. In these seminars, you will learn about additional faculty expectations beyond those of conducting research and basic teaching, which includes: curriculum devlopment, grant writing, and classroom management, among other topics that will help you transition smoothly into a faculty position.